2. Sightseeing Areas

Access Guide / Sightseeing

Smooth Access Quick and easy access to sightseeing areas by train or direct bus

Taking trains or buses from the hotel is a great way to get to shopping and sightseeing areas in the city center. If you want to get around easily without the hassle of changing trains, you can take the hotel's free Courtesy Bus to the airport, and then take a direct bus from there to your desired destination. Since it's a direct route, the travel time is short, and there's no need to carry your luggage every time you transfer. It’s a smart and clever way to make your travels more enjoyable. Detailed information and routes to various sightseeing areas are available at the reception desk.

Airport Limousine Buses
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Smooth Access

Access Guide

Access Guide

Walk Around Take a walk around the city

Anamori-Inari boasts a wonderful old-town atmosphere and is just a stone's throw away from Haneda Airport, giving you direct access to the whole world. In addition to the shrines and crafts that have long been loved by visitors, there are also a wide variety of new experience-based facilities and popular eateries. Exploring this warm and welcoming neighborhood will add some wonderful memories to your travels.

Walk Around


Taking a Stroll in the Area Around Hotel JAL City Haneda Tokyo
  • Haneda Innovation City


    Haneda Innovation City

    A “creation and dissemination base for new industry” that utilizes demonstration experiments with advanced technologies and Japanese culture experience opportunities. Various functions are integrated into one place, including research and development facilities, conference halls, a hotel, a live performance hall, and Japanese culture experience facilities, which attracts a wide range of people, from researchers and creators to domestic and international tourists, an other visitors to the city.

  • Luxury Flight


    Luxury Flight

    (inside Haneda Innovation City)
    This experience-based facility, the first of its kind in Japan, features three fighter jet flight simulators. With authentic equipment imported from overseas, we provide our customers with a dynamic fighter jet experience. Advisors, including retired fighter jet pilots with actual flying experience, will provide careful guidance for first-time users. Plans are in effect to allow family or friends to take part in a three-way air battle and other experiences.




    (inside Haneda Innovation City)
    Enjoy freshly brewed “Made in Ota” craft beer using carefully selected malt and hops from all over the world, free of any added flavors, colors, or preservatives, as well as a quality selection of craft beers (pale ales, IPAs, etc.) made in Tokyo. Our menu features our chef's popular Italian dishes as well as seasonal offerings featuring Magome vegetables, seasonal ingredients from the cooperating city of Nagai in Yamagata Prefecture, Edo vegetables from Ota Market, and branded ingredients from the Tohoku region.

  • Anamori-inari Shrine


    Anamori-inari Shrine

    In 1804 (Bunka Era Year 1), the shrine was built in Suzuki-Shinden (current site of the airport).
    It is widely known as a popular shrine that attracts visitors from all over Japan as a deity of abundant harvests, business prosperity, and safe travel.

  • Haneda Shrine


    Haneda Shrine

    This shrine specializes in prayers for safe air travel.
    Many visitors as well as people with connections to the airport come here before traveling to pray for safe flights. It is also known for its divine virtues with relation to “matchmaking” and “competition”.

  • Isozakiya



    This shop sells Japanese sweets such as bite-sized monaka decorated with a motif of the bells and dorayaki at Anamori-inari Shrine.
    The monaka, connected by a string, have a gentle texture and a center packed with homemade sweet bean paste made from domestically grown adzuki beans.